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Flowers Local provides natural, fresh cut, specialty flowers grown in Memphis. They offer blooms that are nontraditional, uncommon, organic, loose, modern, and seasonal.

As they get ready to launch a new chapter on their business, we focused on a complete branding design, including logos, stationery and packaging to enhance their customer experience.


Coin to Remember is a custom made jewelry shop. Their unique pieces are made as a daily reminder to give back using those details that have meaning behind them to those who need to remember how beautiful, worthy they are.

As they prepare to launch their new collection, we worked together on a complete branding. 


Luxeïa is a new company focused on providing high quality, luxury, and custom made candles. Their goal is to inspire their customers to relax and enjoy their time. 

As they prepare to launch their products, we worked together in a complete branding, including packaging material to enhance their client experience. 


Bare & Bold Nutrition provides lifestyle consulting to women, specializing in empowering them to have confidence in who they are. The Holistic Nutritionist Kelsey Williams got in touch looking for a logo design to set her apart from other nutritional consultants.

We focused on choosing the right color palette, logo design and business cards to get started on this new phase of her business.

the melting plate

The Melting Plate is a food blog dedicated to sharing recipes, tips, and culture with home cooks. The creative behind this brand got in touch looking for a complete branding that could help her website and social media stand out.

As they prepare to launch their new site, we worked together on a brand identity design, as well as social media templates to grow their Instagram.


Ivy Boutique is a new clothing and jewelry shop focused on helping women look and feel their best. As they prepare to launch and open their store, they wanted to work on a complete social media styling to be able to have a cohesive style.

We worked together in a complete social branding for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest with templates that they can easily edit to share their latest collections.

sommer's closet

Sommer’s Closet is a clothing boutique specializing in everyday women’s items and affordable designs for everyone. The creative behind this brand wanted to be able to help women feel beautiful and confident each day.

The objective of this project was to provide a brand that stands out, representing a unique and colorful style. We worked together on a complete branding and stationery to create a cohesive style.


Photarsty is a new photography studio, focused on family and children photography, as well as selling printable art online.

As they started this new adventure, they needed a complete branding and collateral materials that reflected a feminine, light, and relatable style to reach a wider audience. It all comes together in the design of the branding collateral material.


Ysnes is new an online platform focused on sharing fashion and lifestyle articles for confident women, who are looking for everyday inspiration. Their aim for this brand is to create unique content that is different from other online magazines out there.

As they get ready to launch their website, we worked together in the design of a complete branding, collateral material, as well as a website design.

ja cosmetics

Ja Cosmetics is a new makeup and accessories company specializing in brushes and eyelashes. As the owner prepared to launch their products, she needed a complete branding that could help her reach her ideal audience.

We worked together in the creation of an identity design and collateral material, based on a feminine and modern style, as well as web design.

ja cosmetics

Feminine and modern were the words used to describe this brand. The color palette then had to include lovely shades of pink as primary colors, paired with copper details to show an elegant style.

A handwritten font was used for the logo design, adding a cute eyelashes icon to it to show what they specialize in. This was also incorporated in the patterns and collateral elements.


lily & Glory

Lily & Glory is a clothing and jewelry shop, dedicated to helping women find affordable items that make them feel as beautiful as they are. The owner, Cristina Lacefield, got in touch looking for a complete branding that could enhance her designs and make her brand stand out.

We worked together in the creation of a branding that could show their customers her unique style and vision.

lily & glory

This brand is all about confidence, customer service and fun, which is why a color palette that included a pop of color was a must, followed by a feminine blush and a classic navy to maintain that elegant element.

To put everything together, several pieces for the brand collateral were designed. Starting with business cards, tags for clothing and feminine iconography.


lacey fields

Lacey Fields is a paper goods brand, specializing in personalized prints and invitations. As the owner and creative designer Cristina Lacefield wanted to start expanding her business into a lifestyle blog, we worked together on a complete branding, marketing collateral design and blog design to reflect her new style.

Customer service and high quality are the words that characterize Lacey Fields.

lacey fields

Home, florals, and country were some of the words used to describe the style of this brand. A color palette that reflected a rustic and at the same time fresh vibe was created, with earthy tones and a hint of coral.

Every detail came together in the creation of the brand collateral, with business cards, letterhead and different tags to use for delivering packages.




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