April 22, 2014

Floral Prints

Yes, I know, no surprise here, Spring is all about florals. The thing is, now there are tons of ways to add certain prints to your look, even if you don't feel like they are meant for you, you can definitely find a way to surround by beautiful flowers. 

I don't really wear shorts that often, it feels weird living in the city, and finding that special shape that works for it, but these have the perfect length and watercolor print to create a stylish outfit. Shoes are a great way to incorporate florals into your wardrobe and give a pop of color to a simple and casual look, but you can always go for a necklace or sunglasses, like the lovely Brooke did with this beautiful outfit, juts giving that print hint and keeping the rest neutral of it. 

Do you have floral print on your wardrobe for this season?

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April 21, 2014

Basic Makeup Brushes

Hello my friends! How was your weekend? I enjoyed a few days away from everything, but now I'm ready to be back!

Buying for makeup brushes can be a very stressful and confusing experience, there's a lot of variety out there and sometimes asking for some help at the store can be overwhelming. I still remember when I got my first makeup brush, I didn't really know what was right for me and ended buying something that wasn't exactly what I wanted, not good. 

In the hopes of giving a few tips and having a more clear idea of makeup brushes, I'm sharing with you today the ones I think you should have to creating a great look and make it easier for you on a daily basis to apply your makeup. I'm not a makeup artist or anything like that, this is just why I find useful and what works for me, I hope it works for you too!

To begin, let's discuss how much you have to invest in makeup brushes. I don't really think you  have to spend lots of money if you're not a professional makeup artist or really love to buy them because you're looking for a more advanced makeup look. If you just use them to make your life easier, then it's better to save your money. That doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice quality for price, there are some great brushes that are less expensive and that can last for a long, long time. 

I would recommend to take a look at Sephora's makeup sets, you can get 8 makeup brushes for $60 or buy them individually starting at $28, which is a great price. I have a few of these and they are great quality, soft and the hairs don't come off when you wash them. 

When you go shopping for your brushes, have in mind that natural hair ones are perfect for powder products and synthetic for liquid and cream. Now for the brushes that, in my opinion, are more than enough to create a beautiful makeup look for every day. 

For face, first you need a foundation brush, this one depends whether you use a liquid or powder product,  but the best shape is the one that can really blend it and make it more natural. Next, a blush brush that you can also use for compact powder, a big fluffy one. Not everybody likes to contour their faces, but this is a brush that is very helpful in case you want to do that, even if you only use it on special occasions or in certain seasons. 

And for eyes you only need to focus on three, a classic shadow brush to apply eyeshadow across the lid and that you want to stay in one place, a crease shadow brush that you can also use to blend everything and a smudge brush to create the perfect smokey eye. 

That's it! You can create the most beautiful makeup look with only these. One more thing, you don't have to get them all at the same time, you can buy them separately. Which ones are your favorite brushes?

April 16, 2014

Favorite Salad Recipes

I don't know about you guys, but every year when the weather starts to get a lot warmer, like now, I only think about eating fresh and light food, I really don't get other cravings than salad and delicious smoothies, and this is very convenient, since it's the perfect way to stay healthy and fit

Salads don't have to be boring, there are so many great and easy recipes that can satisfy you without being bland. This is why, today I made a compilation of my favorite Salads Recipes out there. I mean, I'm not a food blogger, but let's be honest here, I love to eat, so, let's take a look at a few delicious recipes, all of these found on... Guess where? Pinterest

1| CABBAGE WRAPS WITH SPICY PEANUT DIPPING SAUCE: Oh my, I'm dying to try this one by House in the Hills, the dipping looks so delicious, and I think it's a very original recipe. If you have lunch with friends, you can definitely make these and make a great impression. 

2| CRANBERRY AVOCADO SALAD WITH CANDIED SPICED ALMONDS AND SWEET BALSAMIC VINAIGRETTE: okay, that was a long title, but every single work is music to my ears. This salad by The Café Sucré Farine has my favorite ingredients and the fact that is has some sweet touches, seals de deal. 

3| STRAWBERRY QUINOA SALAD: it's always a good idea to incorporate some fruit in your salad, which is why this recipe by Damn Delicious has the perfect balance. 

4| LEMON ORZO SALAD WITH ASPARAGUS, SPINACH AND FETA: something that I could eat every single day are asparagus, it's like my kryptonite when it comes to food. This one is from Two Peas and their Pod, one great blog with even better recipes. 

5| THE PERFECT SUMMER SALAD: we have another one by A House in the Hills. This recipe is a combination of  watermelon, pumpkin seeds, lime juice, cilantro and maple syrup. Another great example of adding some sweetness on a salad. 

6| BROCCOLI APPLE AND ALMOND SALAD: The Healthy Foodie is an amazing blog with some different and non boring at all healthy recipes. This salad has a special touch that make all the ingredients stand out, some bacon and a very tasty dip. 

These sound good! Just a few recipes that are delicious and healthy. Would you like to try them?

April 15, 2014

Giveaway | Win a Canon Rebel T31 Camera!

As you can see, today is a special day my friends. The lovely Latrina from Of Trees and Hues is celebrating her birthday and she got together 36 bloggers for an awesome giveaway! Trina is such an amazing girl and I'm so happy to be part of her celebration, as well as to be with these talented creatives. Be sure to check out their sites!

And now for the juicy details. The winner will receive a Canon Rebel T3i Camera! You read correctly,  the perfect camera so you can take amazing photos. The giveaway will be running for 3 weeks, April 15th at 12am PST, through May 6th at Midnight, so you have plenty of time to enter. The winner will be randomly chosen on May 7th via Rafflecopter, where you can make your entries right now.

Best of luck to all of you and Happy Birthday to Trina!!

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April 14, 2014

Stripes Crush

Stripes have always been a must on Spring and Summer, we often see nautical stripes when the weather starts to get warmer, but there are tons of new ways and different colors available to wear them in a more fun and modern way. 

You can go for the classic white and blue combo or the black and white stripes, but adding a different touch, such as very small stripes or the opposite, very wide ones, just be sure that it compliments your figure. If you are more of a risk taker, pair them with colorful clothes such as bright jeans or sweaters that can give an edgy look. 
If you're looking for more colorful stripes, you should definitely check out these great options, not only for clothes, but you can focus on the accessories,  a great way to wear this trend without feeling overwhelmed by all of the stripes. These are a few items that are perfect for this season.

And remember that there's always a way to look amazing in stripes, even horizontal ones, just go for the ones that are thinner like on this top from Tory Burch, trust me. 

What do you think? Do you like stripes for this season? 

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April 11, 2014

Sales to enjoy

I know that a lot of you have as a main resolution to stay in a budget and maybe away from shopping, that's why I've been loving the On a Budget column, cause let's face it, sometimes you just have to get that one piece you love, and this is the perfect time to take advantage of the sales a few cute stores are having. 

Let's start with Loft; there's a lot of items in sale right now, from tops, to dresses and pants, but my favorites, and the ones that stay with my under $40 budget, are the accessories, which are always great ways to update your outfits. I chose this beautiful scarf, a sparkly bracelet and a nice necklace

Next I found a few pieces from J. Crew which is offering 30% off Spring items and up to 50% off in final sale items. I went with these bathing suit, it's never too early to start getting ready for summer, a minty belt that goes perfectly with this nude shorts and of course, a statement necklace

Finally, Asos is now offering up to 70% off, you can always find something there and my favorite was this flower skirt which is perfect for Spring. 

Stay in budget and take advantage of these sales! Enjoy your weekend and let me know which one of these is your favorite!

April 10, 2014

Fresh and Fun

There's been a while since I created a moodboard here and I forgot how much I enjoy doing them, browsing all the amazing photos out there and bringing them together is one of my favorite things to do. 

For today, I chose the Fresh and Fun vibe, with a feminine touch, which is just perfect for April and Spring in general. These days have been all about flowers, light clothes and ice cream for me, having those moments to enjoy and take a break from work and stress is very important. 

On another note, I wanted to ask you guys something. I've been thinking about making a video for the blog for a while now, watching a few of my favorite bloggers "live" has been such an inspiration and I do think it would allow for you to know me better, there's such a difference when you see a person rather than just reading what they post. Is this something you would be interested in seeing? If so, What would you like it to be about? Maybe a Q&A or a specific topic? You tell me! After all, that's what is all about, to get to know what you want to see here!

Let me know guys and I hope you enjoy this moodboard!

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